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Environmental Consultancy


Environmental Consultancy

We ensure that human activity has a minimal impact on local ecosystems by examining biological indicators in the local environment, such as mosses, lichens and animal species. Our researchers:

  • Identify the population and varieties of breeding birds or bats in the area and their migratory patterns, to determine the best location for a wind farm, for example.
  • Highlight any possible adverse effects that construction work could have on local ecosystems by monitoring species interaction.
  • Use plant biosensors to study air quality by analysing the prevalence and impact of pollutants.

We are also a point of reference for Environmental Impact Assessments. Thanks to numerous years of experience, we have the expertise to carry out all the necessary screening to help any customer to meet the requirements. Preventive monitoring allows us to verify that industrial activity avoids negative repercussions on the environment, health and well-being. We promote clear mitigation measures to guarantee the sustainability of any project.


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Bi-Lab is the expert on environmental safety and monitoring for businesses and the public sector

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