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Based on customer requirements and an initial survey, we provide our Clients with effective EMS or IMS environmental control system fitting with their needs.
Thanks to our ability to deal with the most complex projects, we have experience in monitoring and managing of:
  • integrated systems for measuring air, soil and water quality
  • automated systems for continuous water monitoring
  • emission-reducing and filtration control systems



We are experienced in dealing with different kinds of contracts to install all types of detection stations, even on a temporary or rolling basis:
  • for continuous monitoring of water, air and soil
  • for meteorological monitoring



Whether it is our monitoring system or someone else’s, we have skills to maintain:
  • EMS and IMS systems
  • periodic instrument calibration
  • meteorological monitoring stations
  • water monitoring stations
  • overhaul of purification plants



Working with public bodies such as CNR and ISS, continuously stimulate us to expand our credentials and improve our analytical performance. We now offer biomonitoring and renewable energy certification.
We also offer targeted consultancy on specific items like Environmental Impact Assessments, CO2 emissions and pollutants assessments, ongoing biomonitoring and assisting customers in implementing necessary environmental guidance.


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To better meet customer requirements, we used our experience to create patented software for data collection and management. We also have the capability of processing data in situ, saving time and resources, to improve efficiency.

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Bi-Lab is the expert on environmental safety and monitoring for businesses and the public sector

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