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Who we are


Environmental Research

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We help companies meet the highest environmental safety standards through continuous research and technological innovation


Your partner for environmental safety

We design and build integrated environmental monitoring solutions based on customer needs.

Flexibility, professionalism and reliability are our defining characteristics. We offer both consultancy and project management: taking charge of monitoring and guaranteeing continuous maintenance throughout.

At Bi-Lab, we are proud of our long term collaborations with research centres and universities. This synergy facilitates the continuous development of new projects and cutting-edge technological solutions.

Dedicated to transforming environmental awareness
into company strength for over 30 years, Bi-Lab predicted
the future that we share today, as we continue to promote
business in a safe environment.

We combine competence with a passion for the environment

Our achievements and continued market visibility are thanks to our team of highly specialised and skilled technicians.

Together, our team developed data analysis software to meet project objectives, respond to customer requests, innovate and implement best practice based around environmental protection.

Our roots 1988

Bi-Lab began in Civitavecchia 30 years ago, thanks to the forward-thinking Battaglini brothers. Together they created and built innovative systems to monitor air and soil quality. They immediately started collaborating with public bodies such as ARPA Lazio, and in 1989 installed a network of 24 monitoring stations.


Over time the company gained more visibility on the national market and has gone from strength to strength, thanks to excellent projects such as the DOSOL water purification system at the NBC military plant.
In 1999 we patented our first piece of software to manage the EMS. In 2002, we set up a partnership with the Civitavecchia Environmental Observatory to monitor the air quality.


We are currently in strategic partnerships with various national organisations and companies, for which we provide high quality, flexible integrated solutions.
In 2015, we established a Framework Contract with the national energy company, Enel. Since 2017, we provide maintenance for all of their thermoelectric plant systems across the country. We recently established a contract with the SODAR network for ARPA Veneto


Innovation will continue to guide development at Bi-Lab. Our expertise in the field of biomonitoring is continually expanding; we recently patented seven new pieces of data analysis software. We are also now accredited to verify compliance with the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability to certify organisations carbon footprints.


Bi-Lab turns environmental monitoring into an advantage for forward-thinking and environmentally conscious companies. Measuring industrial emissions is the first step towards a sustainable future


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Bi-Lab is the expert on environmental safety and monitoring for businesses and the public sector

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Address Via Unione, 30-34
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