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Other services


Other services

Other services we provide:

  • Meteorology
    To get a complete and realistic picture of the air quality in an area, we monitor both the emissions and weather conditions. These help us understand the way pollutants diffuse into the atmosphere, so we can determine their prevalence. As with our other systems, we design, build and maintain the weather stations then process the data they collect.
  • Acoustic Monitoring
    We offer environmental acoustics analysis, using state of the art sound level meters, vibrometers, calibrators and environmental noise/pollution, acoustic climate and vibration software.
  • Calibration laboratory
    We carry out calibration activities in the laboratory and on-site to investigate the metrological tracking over time. Our services include periodic calibration of instruments, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on weather stations and on water, air and soil detection and monitoring systems.

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Our services

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