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S.M.I. monitoring system of introduction

S.M.I. monitoring system of introduction
• Production, management and alterations of software and hardware at survey stations of the quality of hair, water and soil.
• Checking thermal pollution.
• Water samples and the relevant documentation of certification (by official laboratories) of the chemical-physical and microbiological data.
• Control measures of smoke emission from ships’ funnels.
• Revision of automation systems.
• Measure and standardization of dust dispersed in the air.
• Integrated systems (fixed and/or mobile) for a quality survey of air, soil and water.
• Fumes conveyance pipes in work environment and laboratories with respective systems of demolition or filtering.
• Decontamination systems.
• Automated systems for continuous monitoring of industrial waters. P.IVA 02053751000 - Copyright by GENOMEGA