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One of the priority needs of the Boards managing the environmental networks consist in the availability of reliable data; as the information must be used by those same Boards both to start actions to take effect immediately and to plan actions of a wider scope with the aim to improve environment quality.
To this purpose, it is therefore of considerable importance to carry out, regularly and competently, all the upkeep operations necessary to assure the maintenance of the optimum functional characteristics of the survey systems, and consequently, to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the network as a whole and the quality and reliability of the data obtained.


Bi-Lab, as the supplier of important networks monitoring the quality of air, has developed considerable experience in the supply of maintenance services on the networks of environmental monitoring.
The offer of services at the moment includes a wide range of possibilities, from a single emergency intervention to the total management of an outsourcing procedure system. The efficiency and timeliness of intervention are guaranteed by the existence of an organising structure, the Technical Assistance and Maintenance Service, distributed throughout the national territory and operating with specialised technicians suitably placed in the operative office in Civitavecchia and the peripheral branches.


The typology of maintenance services put at your disposal by Bi-lab are numerous:
ordinary maintenance
preventive maintenance
corrective maintenance
evolutionary maintenance

These allow us to personalise the intervention offers accoeding to the specific needs of our Client.
In support of the maintenance services and in order to obtain optimum times of re-activation of equipment, Bi-Lab guarantees the availability of spare parts and new material at its warehouse. Besides maintenance, it is foreseen to replace stations and/or instruments, software assistance and tele-assistance.
In order to provide our Client with a really complete support in all the activities of management of a monitoring network, Bi-lab also supplies services of:
- consultation
- planning and realisation
- installation and customizing
- partial and/or global management
- outsourcing P.IVA 02053751000 - Copyright by GENOMEGA