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The quality of the air and the relative degree of atmospheric pollution are a subject of great interest today that directly influence the quality of life, especially in urban areas.
The control and management of this phenomenon of pollution, caused by emissions of various origin ( cars, home heating, industrial sources…) requires action and interventions of considerable commitment for the authorities in charge and, more in general, for all those operators involved.


To cope with these exigencies Bi-lab has supplied, for over
A survey network means that we can exercise a careful and constant control of the problems linked to atmospheric pollution and obtain, as quikly as possible, complete information as to the quality of air that can be used in answer to the legislation in force.
The nucleus of an air quality survey system is represented by measuring stations, available in fixed or mobile versions. The typical station is made up of a cabin, a series of measuring instruments selected from among the best on the market, and the application of EcoServices software. This software has been developed purposely by Bi-Lab for the acquisition, processing, presentation and the transmission of the values relevant to the parameters measured and to the operating conditions in the survey station. The communication of the data within the limits of the network can be done through various physical supports; particular telephone lines, exchanged radio link or cell telephony.
The protocols of communication used have been chosen among the available standards on the market (TCP/IP…) and permit the maximum opening towards most of the existing systems. P.IVA 02053751000 - Copyright by GENOMEGA