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Attention towards the quality of water (surface,stratum or subterranean, drinkable, waste) is in continuous , gradual development and linkewise the responsibility increases for both public and private in the management of such a precious source. Regulations already attribute the relevant authority, for monitoring and quality control, to realise an informative system for the administration of hydro resources to Public Boards (Regions, ARPA). The same Boards must guarantee the most extensive disclosure of that information and the transmission of data to the competent Authority.


The fulfilment of the obligations of monitoring, foreseen by the regulations in force, can be carried out by the integrated use of automatic monitor networks and parallel networks of samples (manualo or automatic) and laboratory analysis.
The two heterogeneous sources must be standardised and integrated to a superior level, where it is possible to carry out the processing foreseen by the regulations, in order to classify the water bodies and the realisation of water resources registers.
Bi-Lab with the aim of complying with requirements laid down by the regulations, proposes a central system of management and supervision, so as to permit an integrated administration, within the limits of an homogeneous environment, of all the networks of monitoring water pollution present in the territory.
The structure as a whole of the informative system for the management of water resources, foresees a functional mixture for the processing and treatment of the information resulting from the monitoring systems, such as:

- memorization of the acquired information
- territorial representation
- data analysis
- modelling simulation
- decisional support
- spreading of information

To this software models are used, similar to those developed for the networks monitoring the quality of air, specialised for the application “Water”. P.IVA 02053751000 - Copyright by GENOMEGA